How to influence the C-Suite on healthcare strategy

Does your C-Suite know the impact you’re making on your business?

Only 17% of executives think their benefits are being managed effectively, yet most expect healthcare to be a higher corporate priority over the next three years. It’s time to bring your C-Suite to the benefits table.

In this webinar, join National Business Group on Health President & CEO Brian Marcotte and Collective Health Co-founder & Chief Health Officer Rajaie Batniji for a discussion on how to engage your C-Suite in your healthcare strategy.


In this webinar we’ll dive into:
  • How to demonstrate the cost of the status quo
  • How to translate benefits jargon into business speak
  • How to tie your benefits strategies to your business objectives


Webinar Details

You’re already improving the healthcare experience for your clients and their people. Come hear how Collective Health is helping consultants and brokers like you push their impact to the next level:

  • Give your clients a smarter alternative to the market’s status-quo health coverage
  • Increase the NPS of client populations by 5x
  • Improve their flexibility to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape
  • Stay ahead of the curve through data and insights





Brian Marcotte
Brian MarcottePresident and CEO, National Business Group on Health
Hope Kragh
Hope KraghVP of Client Success,
Collective Health
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