The way health benefits should work:
An introduction to Collective Health

5X industry NPS for your people.

60% less benefits-related questions for your team.

Network savings guarantees for your business.

It’s all possible with Collective Health.

Collective Health partners with companies like Activision Blizzard, Palantir, Restoration Hardware, Pinterest, and Red Bull to help them get the most out of their healthcare investment while taking better care of their people. With a smarter alternative to your traditional health plan, Collective Health’s new technology, modern design, and concierge support can help you:

  • Deliver a premium benefits experience for your people
  • Drive value with top-tier coverage
  • Streamline administration and focus on strategy
  • Increase the NPS of client populations by 5x
  • Improve their flexibility to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape
  • Give your clients a smarter alternative to the market’s status-quo health coverage
  • Stay ahead of the curve through data and insights


Kirk McConnell
Kirk McConnell Health Programs and Products,
Collective Health
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